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Self Esteem

Accessing the Power Within

This is a 6-week course on self-esteem, however, if you plan on just reading it and not doing the activities involved, then it might be best if you come back to this course at a later date when you are ready. Just like you can’t read about being physically fit, you need to do the work involved to become fit. Similarly, building self-esteem requires work and sometimes it is rigorous. You can’t read about self-esteem and then think that will improve your level of inner power. It involves action and one choice at a time. You are not born with Self-esteem; it is something you learn.

– So, what is Self-Esteem? Read all the definitions of self-esteem that you can come across. What is self? What is it to be esteemed? Spend time asking yourself these questions because if you are going to a course on self-esteem, then it is essential to know what it is that you’re studying.

My definition of self-esteem is “that power you have inside you that enables you to be strong, regardless of what’s occurring around you”. Self-esteem is your fundamental power that governs your resilience in everything else. Your ‘inner power’. It is the MOST powerful instrument you have. Let that sink in before you read any further.

Everything you do or say is an exchange of power. By the time you have finished this course, you will have an excellent understanding of power exchanges between people and most notably, where and when YOU lose power. Make no mistake about it – EVERYTHING you do, say and think involves self-esteem. It’s all about channelising it in the right direction.

Note: – The following course does not replace the need for professional help if you are dealing with trauma and mental health issues.

Six Week Course Designed

Week 1 is all about discovering where and when you lose power.
Week 2 is all about ‘backdoor’ or unhealthy behaviours and the roundabout way you try to get what you want because you did not have the self-esteem to come through the front door.
Week 3 then, is learning how to change those unhealthy thoughts and behaviours into healthy and empowering ones.
Week 4 is about choice and action. Week 4 is not just done in one week; it is a continuing process for the rest of your life. 
Week 5 is about finding your tribe of supporters. This is an incredibly powerful week because you will start to see (or understand) where other people are in your growth.
Week 6 about Intuition. Did you ever really lose your power? Or has it always been there? 
about me

About Me

Who am I and what made me write a course on self-esteem? Both are really good questions. Let me start with who am I, one of the most asked questions in the world. I could answer it in several ways by describing my gender, age, parental status, sexual orientation, career, emotional status, mental status or simply call myself a spiritual being having a human experience. I am going to answer it by saying I am all of the above. I am a female, aged in my early 50’s at the time of writing this course, I am a mother, I am a lesbian, I am a holistic counsellor. I have struggled all my life with weight issues because I did not feel like I was enough. So, I would eat for comfort and if did manage to lose weight, then I would quickly put it back on (and more) because I had very little self-love and so I would sabotage any success I had.
My mental health status throughout most of my life was one of judgement for myself and others and critical of myself for not being “good enough”. Even when I was judging myself for not being enough, and asking the “why me?” questions, there was also this deep part of me that knew all of the above was bull shit and there was way more to me than what I have just described.

I have always known there is a deeper truth and when I was ready, this truth would reveal itself to me. I have language now to often describe what is happening but most of my life I had no idea what I was doing. I somehow trusted that this was where I was meant to be and that I would be okay. As a single parent, there were many times when I had less than $1.00 in the bank and I wasn’t sure how I would survive, but I always did. I had a deep knowing that “things would always work out for me”. I believe in miracles and that we have Angels who are constantly guiding us in our lives.

So, in a nutshell I have answered the first question on “Who am I?”. Of course, that is just a summary because in the past 50 years, a lot more has happened to me and for me and I would need 50 years to write it all down. I have a sense of humour too, haha. The next question – How did I come about writing a course on Self-esteem? This is the easy bit because as I began peeling away each layer of illusion (I will go into this later in the course), I came to understand the relationship between my inner power and how that affected my entire life. When my inner power was strong, then I seemed to handle situations much better than when I felt weak or disempowered. When I was studying for the diploma in holistic counselling, I basically pulled myself apart, upside down and inside out and then slowly and compassionately began putting myself back together again. What happened as I did this? I began feeling empowered and life started looking a whole lot different. It is always a work in progress and all the activities I teach you below is all the work I have done and continue to do. I then knew I was going to teach people how to become empowered and hence writing a course on self-esteem.

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