Crystal Healing Courses


What is crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is a complementary therapy where the therapist is using crystals to either project energy or absorb energy. Crystals can project healing and calmness and draw out pain and stress, depending on what the client wants treated. Crystal healing is often used in conjunction with energy healing modalities such as Reiki or Intuitive healing. There are lots of different crystals whereby the healer uses their intuition and self-trust. Crystal healing is a very powerful complementary therapy that helps to stimulate/restore the natural healing of the body.

Crystal Therapy Courses to Bring out the Best in You

Taking our crystal healing courses can be a profound experience for a variety of reasons. Crystals have powerful energy and can bring about tremendous change whether you’re looking to reduce stress, anger issues, depression or anxiety and become more liberated and free in your life. With specific crystals, you can either absorb or project energy as per the energy field you need to work on. This way you can easily let go of things and become more independent and capable of changing unnecessary patterns and having a better hold over your life. Crystal healing courses can help restore the natural balance of your mind, body and emotions to bring in miraculous changes. 

What Makes Crystal Healing at Celestial a Powerful Tool of Change

Crystal Healing Courses for Miracles and a Positive Shift in Life

Various crystals are used to generate different healings. Each crystal has a specific vibrating frequency that is used to amplify our aura to have a positive influence on our mind, body, spirit and emotions. This is because crystals have a stronger energy field than our own and are hence able to bring a positive influence on our life. Our expert therapists use rare varieties of crystals for treatments such as rose quartz for love, amethyst for intuition, turquoise for clarity, jade for prosperity. Our therapists holding vast experience in crystal healing having worked with so many individuals know every detail on how to use specific crystals for defined purposes.

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