Colour Therapy Melbourne

Colour Therapy

What is Colour Therapy?

Colour therapy is a holistic treatment that uses the different colour vibrations to stimulate the bodies natural ability to heal. All colours have a different wavelength and frequency and therefore help to stimulate/restore different conditions of the body. 

For example, there are warm colours (red, orange and yellow) that are used to treat conditions that need stimulating e.g. unmotivated, depressed, sluggish, unhappy difficulty concentrating etc. There are cool colours (Blue, indigo, violet, purple) that are required to treat conditions that require cooling, calming and stabilising. 

For example, aggression, anxiety, pain, stress, headaches, insomnia etc. Green is a colour used for balancing and regulating conditions such as fatigue and mood swings.

With a colour therapy healing session, we combine the appropriate healing colours for your treatment with an intuitive reiki healing. Colours will vary according to what needs to be healed or treated.

Highly uplifting & wonderful colour therapy in Melbourne

A tremendously calming experience of colour therapy brings about the tranquillity of mood, mind, body and aura with its unique energy practice. Each colour therapy session is custom made as per the unique needs of the individual and is accordingly specific colours are chosen and applied to balance your chakras, mind, body and spirit. The colour therapy courses leave people feeling blissful charged and relaxed. Most people leave feeling balanced in their integrity and complete in all aspects. The colours help you get better in touch with the environment and world around you, so when you feel a little disconnected from your surroundings, colour therapy can do wonders. 

How is Celestial Living Well-Known for Colour Therapy in Melbourne

A Truly Customized Healing with Our Colour Therapy in Melbourne

Since everywhere we go there is colour, our environment is majorly constituted of them for our minds. This is why different colours have different effects on us depending on their tonality and our state of mind. We use the effect of different colours to help balance and clear blockages in your aura. With specific colours having a calming effect on the tendencies of depression and anxiety, there’s no doubt on the proficiency of colour therapy courses. Our consultations also include specific colour suggestions to be used in your home and office or for wearables so you can benefit from our colour therapy in Melbourne the most. We also offer specific meditations and visualisations based on colour for you.

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