What is Holistic Counselling?


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Holistic therapy takes into account the ‘whole’ person (the body, mind, heart and spirit) and their lifestyle, rather than just one aspect of them. The aim is to achieve optimum health. Through a range of different modalities, the healer encourages the client to take ownership of their own health and becoming empowered. Holistic healing is an integration of conventional treatments and natural therapies. A holistic counsellor works with the client to restore the body to its natural balance and therefore have an improved quality of life.

At Celestial Living, we suggest it takes 6 – 12 sessions to overcome or to heal an issue. A condition you’ve had for 20 years, might take longer than 6 sessions to overcome. You can purchase 1 session at a time or purchase a 6-week package and save $110 and therefore make a true commitment to your healing. The first session is ‘The Consultation’ and it is a full-on session whereby we establish The Big Picture. There are numerous questions to get through for this session and so there is not usually time for any Energy Healing in this session. Subsequent sessions are usually a combination of Counselling and Energy Healing but that depends of what is needed for the client at that time.

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